Statement of Faith





Based upon the teachings of Jesus Christ, the basic foundation of Candleberry Chapel is as follows:


            1.            The Word of God is the central act of our worship as it is found primarily 

                            in our  Holy Bible.


            2.            Jesus Christ is our Lord and a personal, caring Savior. He has taught    

                            us that  the Father knows  even when the least sparrow falls to earth    

                            and that we are  more than sparrows.


           3.            The Christian family should be nurtured and honored and the Chapel is 

                            an  extended Christian family unit.


            4.            It is the responsibility of that Christian family (the chapel) to be an    

                            outreach  into the world to those who are in spiritual and physical   

                            need.   We believe we  are to be the outreaching hands of Christ to  

                             his "children."


           5.            Careful reverence and attention should be given to the historical    

                           traditions of  the Christian Church.


            6.            The Christian holidays should be a special time of worship and    

                            celebration.   This includes the  traditional music and scripture of    

                            those most holy days.